2020: It’s a Wrap!

Welcome to the last post in this roller coaster of a year.

2020 had us talking a lot about your online presence—creating content and localizing it for your global audience. It’s because we believe that, while the medical progress will soon get us out of this hug-less, home-ful situation, 2020 will leave indelible traces in the way our audience relates to your brand. 

It would be unseemly if we didn’t practice what we preached. So as far as our blog goes, we rolled up the sleeves and rocket-fueled our schedule. We published over 33 posts covering a wide range of topics: from localization tips to insight on how the pandemic was changing our vocabulary, to getting you ready for remote interpreting. 

1. Why mistranslation matters more than You think

If you think mistranslations are harmless mistakes that cause an occasional giggle, think again. A faulty translation can end up in devastating lawsuits and losses. Most importantly, it might be eroding your business revenue in a subtle but no less harmful way. Here’s how.

2. How to get more bang for your localization buck

In a perfect world, we’d all have a bottomless localization budget. But in this dimension, there’s a whole lot of juggling involved. 

What do you do when you have a whole website to localize, but your budget can cover only half of your content? Which content will yield more if localized first? Hop over here to find out.

3. The changing vocabulary of the pandemic

Upperware, Rona, social distancing: are they all freshly-minted byproducts of the virus spread? How do translators tackle them if there’s no direct target-language equivalent? One can’t help but wonder.

4. When your interpreting goes remote

Due to you-know-what, all of our multilingual meetings switched to online, too.  With the rise of remote interpreting solutions, we’ve noticed our clients had trouble choosing between Phone and Video remote interpreting. So we made a cheat sheet.

5. The recipe for superb localization? Look into your source content.

We hate to break it to you: your content team and our localization experts are not two separate crews. They row on the same boat, helping you reach the same goal—your business success. The way you write your content and how you design your layout directly impacts the localization process and its final result.

The thread beneath all of our writing

Some of it looked like coffee-table trivia; others were concrete how-tos aimed at helping you boost your sales and optimize your costs. But the main underlying message was one: language is still alive and kicking. 

Using words with wit—creating your own voice and delivering a consistent message cross-culturally—is your single most powerful tool that will help your customers in the years to come.

Here’s to a successful twenty twenty-one.