Do you need market research translations? Work with a company who understands this industry.

Market research translation services
Many industries see market research translation services as a necessary tool for continued success. Market research translations will be a key component of your growth strategy whether your business is expanding into a new global market or looking to improve its current position in an international setting.

At LingPerfect, we offer market research translations to businesses around the world. Our Project Managers have forged strong relationships with certified, professional linguists, and together they diligently produce high-quality tangible results. Our people will manage your work with native-level understanding of the language and culture of your target market, allowing us to quickly and efficiently achieve your objectives.


How can market research translation help your business?
If your company conducts market research on behalf of other businesses, then you are already aware of the vast global market your clients are eager to develop. Extending international service offerings to your clients will further enhance your relationship as a global central point of contact.

It’s important to consider that when your target market speaks another language, the response to your messaging may differ from what you experience in your native language. This is perhaps the most important reason to consider building a partnership with a Language Service Provider (LSP) who has experience translating market research materials for use in international markets.

LingPerfect has specialists with the knowledge and experience to best tailor your content for use in new global markets.

What makes a good market research translation?
Accuracy and experience are important for successful implementation of your international needs, but what is the most important factor that should be considered when choosing your translation partner?

Clear communication and project planning with an experienced translation provider who understands the market research industry.
It’s easy enough to take text and have it translated into another language. Making sure your text reflects the right tone and nuances for the target market requires more finesse. A provider who strives to understand your goals, brand image, and requirements will be sure to bring that knowledge into the workflow. This will show that your LSP not only has excellent customer service, but the experience and knowledge to successfully complete your market research translations.

Any individual who is responsible for writing surveys knows how vital it is to get the wording perfect in order to get the most accurate results. You should work with an LSP who understand this well and works with other industry experts who deliver the results you need.