Legal Translations – Not Just Contracts and Patents

In the context of languages services, the two most readily apparent needs for translation in the legal industry are generally the localization of contracts and agreements for foreign markets/goods/services and the translations of patent applications for filing in international jurisdictions. In reality, however, the need for accurate and timely translation services in the legal services industries can span myriad practice groups and subject matter in both litigation and transactional contexts.

For example, LingPerfect has had the opportunity to partner with an AmLaw 25 firm on a complex products liability litigation involving a foreign supplier of component parts for a US-based automobile manufacturer. The suit alleged that the supplier, headquartered in China, had provided defective components, and further alleged a design defect in the development of the parts. During the discovery process, hundreds of technical schematics, CAD drawings, lab reports, testing protocols, and manufacturing plans were produced by the Chinese defendant, and LingPerfect had the opportunity to translate these documents into English for the expert witnesses rendering their opinions prior to the trial. Our team was able to structure a workflow with specialized technical linguists to ensure all content was translated accurately and expediently, and ensure that all formatting for these complex schematics were consistent to retain meaning.