LingPerfect cares: during the ongoing COVID-19 crisis, our top priority is the health and well-being of all our employees, linguists and partners around the globe. Your health, safety and welfare are important to us. LingPerfect wants to assure you that we actively monitor the progress of the virus, communicating daily with many of our customers and working together to address this serious challenge. We will continue to be an active partner for you in your preparation efforts and in the event of a pandemic.

What we do: we are implementing active safety procedures. Due to the person-to-person spread of the virus we are introducing safety measures which are designed to minimize direct personal contact. In this time of crisis, we have implemented a set of processes to ensure business continuity for our employees and customers around the globe. All our project management work will continue seamlessly 24/7.


What we offer: a highly qualified global list of remote distributed interpreters – our network provides access to distributed points of service and allows uninterrupted operations.

Contact us to ask how to:

  • move your face-to-face interpreters over to video remote interpreting (VRI),
  • access/set up interpreting by phone,
  • deliver American Sign Language interpretation by video,
  • integrate video remote interpreting-on-demand directly into existing platforms or workflows,
  • improve online meetings (GoToMeeting, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and others) with interpreters using API or phone.

Because the best time to prepare is now, LingPerfect has set up a special team to address any queries related to your business continuity planning. Please contact us directly at as soon as possible for more information and to schedule these programs.

Thank you for your continued trust and partnership with LingPerfect. Stay safe and be well.