What is video remote interpreting and 3 ways you can benefit from it

Video remote interpreting (VRI) is an interpreting service that has been picking up in recent times when social distancing and lockdown measures have thwarted physical gatherings. The main difference between traditional on-site and video remote interpreting is basically one: the interpreter’s location. But there are some other perks that come with it. Let’s have a look at them, shall we?

1. It’s cost-effective 

With VRI, you can cut down costs considerably on interpreting for two reasons. First, with video remote interpreting, you eliminate travel and interpreting equipment costs. The interpreter is working from remote, either from home or from the translation agency. 

Second, there is no minimum of half-day or daily rate. Video remote interpreting is usually charged by the hour, sometimes even by the minute. So you can forget about having to book an on-site interpreter for a whole morning when you know your meeting will last only one hour.

2. It’s flexible

With on-site interpreting, you need to book the linguist well in advance. Sometimes, the language combination you need might not be available in your home area. So you might even have to reschedule your meeting to fit the interpreter’s availability. With VRI, these physical barriers are taken away. You can request an interpreter on the VRI platform as soon as a few hours before your meeting.

3. You can still rely on non-verbal language

There are sensitive settings in which a lot of what is said is conveyed non-verbally. This applies especially to legal or medical situations in which stress plays an important role. With VRI, the interpreter can still pick up on body language.

Final thoughts

The pandemic has moved a lot of our physical communication into the online realm. At LingPerfect, we believe this shift will linger on even after the restrictions have been eased. 

In the past, video remote interpreting has often gotten a mauling for being unreliable and inefficient. But with the increasing quality of software and internet connection, things have changed. Today, video remote interpreting services are an excellent alternative for your meetings, bringing you a reduction of costs, ease of access, and safety.