About LingPerfect – Professional Linguists

LingPerfect is a leading provider of professional translation services, localization and testing services. Our team is comprised of professional linguists who provide globalization services to enable businesses to compete on the international market. We provide superior localized products at competitive prices. Our services enable our customers to deliver the utmost in functionality and linguistic accuracy.

We provide the following services in over 150 languages:


Multilingual content translation

Product localization

Multimedia localization

Web localization

Language Services

Professional Services for multilingual project delivery

Linguistic Quality services

Terminology Management

Multilingual DTP

Project Management


Content Development

Our core objective is to develop longstanding relationships with our customers,rooted in collaboration, partnership and excellent service. This allows us the opportunity
to build dedicated teams,create and maintain client-specific knowledge, and seek overall process improvements and efficiency gains over time.

7 reasons why LingPerfect is special

Private and Focused

We are a privately held company founded in 2006. As a result, we are capable of decisive action that will benefit the customer in a focused and timely manner. We have built our business in a diligent and thorough manner through the years, grounded by scores of satisfied customers.

We have a singular focus: building industry-leading production teams in cost-effective hubs such as China,Poland and Peru. In spite of our global reach, we maintain a close-knit relationship with our customers wherever they may be, via customer support offices worldwide.

Reputation and Accomplishments

Our reputation as an industry leader stems from our expertise in the following areas:

  • Defined Processes
  • Structured project management
  • Consistent Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge retention and management
  • Flexibility

Stability and Security

Because of our experience, stability and financial diligence, our clients trust us with their most valuable projects. Even legacy blue chip company clients have entrusted us with the localization of their flagship multinational products.

Integrated Service

We provide comprehensive solutions. Our services include all the necessary elements for globalization and localization – we take care of it all. Our services are fully integrated so that
our customers can decrease costs and increase efficiency.

Engineering Capabilities

Engineering is a core company asset. Our engineering expertise is vast and has achieved international acclaim. Our superior engineering centers span three continents, and are staffed with the most talented localization professionals in the industry today.

Technology Strategy

LingPerfect is able to distinguish itself from its competition because of the innovativeways in which we utilize the latest technologies. We have close relationships withtechnology providers and we specialize in employing and customizing non-captiveand independently-developed technologies. Our technology strategy is augmented bycustomized developments for the integration of open technologies, and supportfor open standards.

We're easy to work with!

At the end of the day, satisfying clientele is our most important objective. We never cutcorners, and we take as much time as necessary to fully understand the business cultureof the client. In addition, we train our global teams to work with our customers in a fullyintegrated manner, seamlessly blending with their own in-house teams.