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New York is truly one of the most multicultural places to live and work. Of its nearly 8.5 million inhabitants, almost three million are believed to be foreign born, and it is estimated that over 800 languages are spoken within its borders, leading some to declare it the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

Over sixty different ethnic newspapers in over forty different languages are published in New York City, including seven Chinese and four Spanish language dailies. Languages with a significant number of native speakers here include: Spanish/Spanish Creole, Chinese, Russian, French/French Creole, Italian, Polish and Korean.

Its population aside, New York’s international reputation has a lot to do with the impressive range of industries that call the city home. Below is an overview of New York’s most vital sources of business that utilize New York City Translation Services.

New York City is the World’s leading financial capital, boasting the two biggest global stock exchanges and four other major stock exchanges. It supplies fifteen percent of the City’s economy and almost a quarter of the City’s wages overall. It is centered at Wall Street and Midtown in Manhattan.

Two-fifths of the fifty top American law firms are located in New York. In addition, over 69 law firms are headquartered or co-headquartered in NYC alone.

New York makes up the largest media market in North America. The global capital for advertising, it is home to seven of the eight biggest advertising agencies worldwide, as well as being the de facto home of the American publishing industry. In addition, all of the major TV and record companies maintain headquarters in the City.

Nicknamed “Silicon Alley”, New York’s budding technology sector rivals only Silicon Valley in California as America’s high tech capital. Centered in the Flatiron District of Manhattan, New York’s tech industry comprises everything from software and game development to online media, information technology, biotechnology and more, and attracted $3.7 million in venture capital during the first six months of 2015 alone.