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Located in the Yangtze River Delta on China’s central coast, Shanghai is a major international metropolis, with the largest population of any city proper in the world. It is China’s wealthiest city, as well as its industrial, commercial and financial capital. It is also the biggest transportation hub in Asia, with two airports and the world’s largest cargo port by container traffic.

Shanghai showcases a diverse range of cultural influences. Sometimes called the “Paris of the Orient”, it features a mix of local Wuyue, Traditional Chinese and Western elements in entertainment, architecture and fashion. The Shanghainese have a reputation for openness, creativity and diversity.

Linguistically, Shanghai is home to a unique dialect of Wu Chinese known as Shanghainese, which is not mutually intelligible with Standard Mandarin. Knowledge of Mandarin has become more common for generations born after 1949, while English fluency is mostly limited to residents educated before that date.

The following are the top industries for professional translation services in Shanghai.

Shanghai boasts more regional headquarters of multinational companies than any other city in China, which total over 350, including more than 150 Fortune 500 companies. Corporations that recently opened regional headquarters in the city include Kodak, LinkedIn, Quintiles, Ashland, Dover, Walt Disney and Kraft Foods.

The recently established Shanghai Pilot Free-Trade Zone is both the first and largest of its kind in mainland China

Shanghai’s large pool of human resources and extensive market are a boon for the Chinese economy, of which heavy industry accounts for upwards of 78 percent. The city maintains nearly forty industrial zones aimed at attracting foreign manufacturers of everything from electronics to chemicals.

Auto-manufacture is another major industry in Shanghai, with two of China’s largest car plants situated in the city: Shanghai Volkswagen and Shanghai GM. In addition, China’s largest Steelmaker (Baosteel), shipbuilding base and shipbuilder (Hudong-Zhonghua Shipbuilding, Jiangnan Shipyard) are stationed in the city. Large scale production facilities owned by American corporations in Shanghai include Dupont, Rohm & Haas and General Electric.

Roughly 800 financial institutions can be found in Shanghai, almost 200 of which are funded by foreign investments.

Shanghai is also the seat of several important commodity exchanges: the Shanghai Stock Exchange, the third largest global stock exchange by trading volume and the Shanghai Futures Exchange, which leads the world in trading volume for resources such as zinc, rubber and copper.