Advertising & Marketing

The Marketing, Advertising and Media industries rely heavily on the power of words. Through transcreation services the Advertising and Marketing industry can seize the possibilities of global communication to promote products and businesses is one of the main challenges faced by professionals in these industries. By helping companies expand their reach into expanding markets, professionals in the fields of marketing, advertising and media can significantly impact a company’s brand power, reputation and bottom line.

At LingPerfect, we understand the importance that marketing documents, advertising campaigns, and media outreach has for your business. We ensure they are accurately translated, localized and culturally appropriate for new markets. For instance, in some cultures, details such as proper usage of formal versus informal pronouns can have a significant impact on the perception of your brand and product. Our linguists are sensitive to these details as well as the potential pitfalls of translating for the marketing, advertising, and media industries. We guarantee that your document or project will adhere to the highest standards of accuracy, cultural sensitivity and timeliness.

Our translation services are used for:

  1. Multilingual advertising campaigns
  2. Brochures
  3. Interactive websites and media
  4. E-Commerce websites
  5. Market research
  6. Website optimization
  7. Human resources materials
  8. Contracts
  9. Branding
  10. Corporate communications
  11. Promotional materials
  12. Public relations materials
  13. Packaging and labeling
  14. Subtitles

At LingPerfect, we work with a talented pool of linguists who have direct experience in marketing, advertising and media as well as a wide variety of highly specialized businesses. We guarantee that we will provide you with a linguist who best meets the needs of your particular project or document. Contact us for a FREE Quote!