The energy industry is constantly changing in response to new discoveries, demands, and technologies. As a result, it is essential that all documents, communications and contracts are translated quickly and accurately.

LingPerfect is proud to provide professional translations services of even the most complex energy topics. Our linguists specialize in oil & gas petrochemicals, exploration, maritime, international commercial Law and other energy-relevant subject matter. They will deliver the most reliable and highest quality translation services, carefully tailored to meet even the most exacting requirements.

Our expertise in the field of energy-related translations services includes:

  1. Technical, operating and product manuals
  2. Material data safety sheets
  3. Exploration and production documents
  4. Refining and commercialization documents
  5. Petrochemical industry documents
  6. Strategic assessments
  7. Business contracts
  8. O&G transportation documents
  9. Foreign O&G legislation
  10. Marketing documents, presentations and websites
  11. Environmental safety documents