When it comes to financial matters, time and accuracy are vital, especially in financial translation services. It is essential that every word in every project be translated quickly and accurately. All copy must also adhere to global market regulations.

Efficient and productive translation can have a tremendous impact on client and shareholder relations. It can even affect the outcome of financial transactions.

LingPerfect understands this and engages local talent with expert-level knowledge of the financial, banking and insurance industries. This ensures that you are working with professionals who can quickly and accurately translate the material you need for your particular project.

LingPerfect can address all of your financial translation needs, including:

  1. Capital and investment markets, for clarity and accuracy in all financial affairs:
    1. Quarterly and annual reports
    2. Disclosures
    3. Form filings
    4. Investor and board communications
    5. Sales and marketing materials, RFPs
  1. Mergers and acquisitions, for precision and understanding between all parties:
    1. Acquisitions reports
    2. Closing documents
    3. Operations, human resources and company policies
    4. Legal matters and financial reports
    5. Public press releases
  1. Private Equity, for efficient and effective investment communication:
    1. Financial newsletters
    2. Internal communications and agreements
    3. Legal form filing, shareholder agreements and term sheets
  1. Mutual Funds, for successful partnering and localization of information:
    1. Prospectuses and sales materials
    2. Customer and regulatory communications
    3. Service agreements and contracts