LingPerfect is proud to offer specialized translations services for the insurance industry. Our goal is to provide clients with accurate translations that meet the style and cultural requirements of native speakers of the target language. We understand the standards and jargon of the insurance industry, and can translate insurance concepts and terminology into any foreign language. We do this by working directly with clients and linguists to create custom glossaries tailored specifically to a particular business and product line. Our expert Insurance translation services ensure the quick and accurate translation of all insurance documents and related material, including medical records, research findings and tax forms. In addition to offering fully certified translations, LingPerfect can facilitate your global expansion through the localization of websites, marketing collateral, SEO materials and legal documents.

Our insurance translation expertise covers both client-sensitive information and critical business documentation.

We can manage the following:

  1. Claims and disputes
  2. Property and tax forms
  3. Legal documents
  4. Medical records
  5. Employment contracts
  6. Legal disclaimers and contracts
  7. Internal and corporate communications
  8. Company websites
  9. International and multicultural marketing campaigns