Precision in legal document translation is crucial. If a word or phrase is not properly translated or if there is misplaced punctuation, the legal meaning of a document’s text can be misconstrued. Such misinterpretations can result in conflict and further litigation, costing your clients time, money, and aggravation.

Knowledge of the applicable law and legal language, including the local nuances for both are essential for the accurate translation of legal documents. For this reason, LingPerfect engages local talent who, in addition to being master translators, are experts in interpreting and translating legal jargon. This ensures that you are working with professionals who understand the terminology needed for your specific project.

LingPerfect can provide legal translation services in the following areas:

  • Intellectual property registrations to ensure full protection of your creations
    1. Patent translation & filings
    2. Trademark or service mark registrations
    3. Copyright registrations
  • Litigation, for clarity and accuracy in all case-related documents
    1. Correspondence
    2. Pleadings and affidavits
    3. Written discovery documents
    4. Depositions
    5. Settlement agreements
  • Corporate documents for your startup and day-to-day business operations to build value
    1. Entity formation and management
    2. Ownership documents, including transfer rules
    3. Business contracts
    4. Regulatory compliance
  • Financial records for accuracy and compliance with regulatory record-keeping and reporting

Accuracy, security and confidentiality of client information are a must. The processes by which these are achieved must be readily understood and defensible in response to a legal challenge. Our quality control and security processes are fully documented and integrated into our legal translation services.

LingPerfect is a proud partner of the Asian American Bar Association, International Practice Management Association and New York City Paralegal Association.