Software & IT

Information technology is the infrastructure upon which all modern business is conducted. Even the smallest technology firms often establish global networks, offices and distribution centers to maximize cost efficiency and meet the dynamic needs of a demanding clientele.

At LingPerfect, we understand the importance of quick and efficient translation and localization services for Software & IT that increasingly depends on multilingualism. We ensure that all translations meet the highest standards of technical precision and accuracy, taking into account the language and culture of local users. We also consider the intended audience of the product, and tailor our localization services to maximize user experience and interaction.

A sample of the IT translation services we provide:

  1. Websites
  2. Technological specifications
  3. User manuals
  4. Software and related applications
  5. Networking and system administration
  6. Telecommunications systems
  7. e-Learning materials
  8. Troubleshooting guides
  9. Product manuals
  10. Support systems
  11. Patents and contracts
  12. Documentation and hardware systems
  13. Mobile device interfaces
  14. Product packaging