Case Studies

Legal International Case

LingPerfect had the opportunity to partner with a major international law firm on a high-profile complex international case spanning over a decade of litigation.

Through this partnership, we offered:

Integrated 24-hour


Expedited foreign document management seamlessly across time zones and geographical constraints.

Our team also worked with other third-party vendors assisting our client on this case to streamline communication and deliverables to structure the optimum workflow for this large-volume project.

LingPerfect created a custom team of approximately 20 linguists and 5 reviewers working around the clock to expedite all translation requests and ensure quality and consistency across the entire corpus of documents.

Each file was then delivered with a notarized certification attesting to the quality and accuracy of the translation for formal entry into evidence.

Each file was subject to our three-part human translation, editing, and proofreading quality assurance protocol to ensure that each translation has complete fidelity to the source text.

This process involved three separate linguists that are native speakers of the source language as well as have substantial experience - including an advanced degree and or 5-10 years of experience - in the specific subject matter discipline of the text.

Further, all parties were able to utilize our customized client portal LingDirector, which allowed for automated submission of translation requests, access to all previously completed orders, and tracking of the total spend over the course of the project .

Our production department was able to create custom tracking sheets to archive the status of projects, delineate the subject matter of the files, and ultimately catalogue the content according to the client's preferences.

was able to serve as a proxy between foreign counsel, the litigation support team, and a medical records consulting vendor, correlating related files among multiple plaintiffs and ultimately streamlining the document management system to allow for rolling deliveries and rapid analysis by all parties.

The overall metrics of this project included translation of approximately 1.2 million words translated into English, including multiple languages and dialects, and upwards of 100 hours of editing. The overall document count numbered in the tens of thousands, comprising of files produced in 10 years of previous litigation and new documents recently provided in the course of discovery. The substance of the documents included diverse subject matter including medical records, investigation reports, diagrams, and other documentation that required heavy formatting and absolutely no margin for error in terms of both quality and turnaround time. LingPerfect's workflow accommodated the expedited requests that occur in the fast-paced context of high-profile litigation, and allowed for rapid turnarounds regardless of whether our team was overseas.

By undertaking a thorough analysis of the files from the outset of the project, our production team was able to create templates to mirror the standardized forms from many of the source files to maximize cost containment and consistency. Our project managers and linguists demonstrated a LingPerfect was able to structure both a volume discount as well as a stipulated technical and non-technical rate based on content to bring the overall spend over the course of the project, allowing for substantial cost savings in the tens of thousands of dollars.