Afrikaans Language Services

Afrikaans is an official language of the country of South Africa, with about seven million native speakers. It is a ‘daughter language’ of Dutch, having been originally brought over by Dutch settlers in Africa during the eighteenth century. While the dialects and certain mannerisms of the languages themselves differ, there are many similarities when it comes to Afrikaans and the traditional Dutch language. These similarities are especially prevalent in the written rather than spoken languages, with about a ninety percent similarity between the two.

Afrikaans is the third most-spoken language in South Africa, spoken most commonly in the lower parts of the country. However, most South Africans consider it to be a second language due not only to its popularity, but also its influence in the media, including television, newspapers, and even several translations of the Bible. In total, between fifteen and twenty million Africans speak Afrikaans, either employing it as a first, second or third language.

Although other dominant languages—notably English—have come into play in South Africa in more recent years, Afrikaans language remains the standard in the country, and the language itself even has two monuments dedicated to its very existence. Needless to say, Afrikaans is certainly not a dying language in South Africa, and will not be replaced by English anytime soon.

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