Arabic Translation Services

Currently there over 300 million people who speak Arabic as a first language, mostly in the Middle East and North Africa. In terms of native speakers, it is ranked fifth in the world. Arabic has four major regional dialects: Maghreb Arabic, Egyptian Arabic, Levantine Arabic and Iraqi Arabic. Fluent speakers of Arabic are not only proficient in their regional dialect, but also in Modern Standard Arabic, a standardized version of the Classical Arabic language from which all the other versions evolved.

Historically, Arabic speakers were responsible for a number of early discoveries that profoundly altered the course of human history. These developments are wide ranging, and not limited to the fields of science, mathematics, medicine, astronomy, architecture, and philosophy.

Arabic is similar to Southeast Asian languages like Chinese in that it is read from right to left. This seemingly minor detail can have significant implications in terms of formatting and presentation, depending on a piece of content’s intended audience.

With LingPerfect, making use of the Arabic language to advertise your company online could not be easier. All the technical and graphical considerations related to online localization will be taken care of by our translation team. LingPerfect’s suite of translation services will allow you to connect with millions of Arabic speaking customers around the world who do not shop or conduct business in English. Localizing your company’s website into Arabic will enable your brand, product or service to cross linguistic and cultural boundaries, increasing sales in the process.