Cambodian Language Translations

The Khmer language—also known as Cambodian—descends from several ancient Indian languages and scripts used throughout the Indian Subcontinent during the fifth and sixth centuries CE, while the Khmer alphabet dates back to at least 611 CE. It constitutes the parent branch of the Thai and Laotian languages, which have drawn heavily from the Cambodian alphabet and grammatical structure over the centuries. It differs from these languages in that it is not purely tonal, instead having a kind of pitch accent.

Khmer is the official language of Cambodia with over 16 million native speakers, ranging from Cambodia to Vietnam and Thailand. In terms of grammar it is classified as an isolating language because it features no inflection, case endings or conjugation. There are also no spaces between words! Instead, each word is stressed and read in relation to its final syllable.

Though the language does not distinguish grammatical gender, there are social registers that come into play when speaking in which the speaker must be aware of the social status of the person they are addressing. This is similar to a formal / informal speech distinction in other languages, but the formalities that occur in Khmer can often appear totally different, depending on who is speaking and whom they are speaking to.

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