Czech Language Translation Services

The Czech language comprises around ten million native speakers in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and the European Union. In shares common roots with the other Slavic languages as well as the broader Indo-European language family in general. Czech is widely known for its rather complicated fusional grammar, which includes a case system that inflects for categories such as gender, number and even animacy.

Czech is closely related to Slovak and Polish. It first developed after the first Bohemian state came into being during the ninth century CE. The earliest form of the Czech language can be traced back to the tenth century, although this date is mostly based on inference.

At its earliest stages, the Czech language employed the standard Latin alphabet without any modifications to reflect those sounds in Czech unknown to the Latin language. These non-Latin sounds first began to be designated in writing by combined letters called digraphs in the fourteenth century. By the early fifteenth century, this system had started to be replaced by markings known as diacritics which remain in use to this day.

In the following centuries, divisions between the individual dialects of Czech grew wider. During the late seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries, Latin experienced a resurgence at the expense of the Czech vernacular, accompanied by the mass emigration of the Czech intelligentsia. The Czech language only started experiencing a resurgence during the late eighteenth and mid nineteenth centuries as a consequence of the Czech National Revival and the publication of the first comprehensive Czech dictionary.

Since the Second World War, the Czech language has become increasingly uniform as its constitutive dialects approached one another owing to nationwide spelling reforms, among other things. However, four distinct dialects still remain, the most prominent being “Common Czech.” Though the language can be difficult to learn for foreigners due to its sentence structure and lack of vowels, there is always the option of obtaining Czech language services that are tailor-made to your specifications.

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