Danish Translation & Professional Services

Danish is a Northern Germanic language with about 5.5 million native speakers. It is not the official language of Denmark, as Denmark does not have one, but it is the most commonly spoken—especially in Denmark’s government—and is accepted as the country’s main language. It is also spoken in Germany, Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Canada and the United States. At its formation, Danish was influenced by German dialects, later being influenced by French and even English during the nineteenth century. It can trace its ancestry to the Old Norse languages commonly used by the Germanic people who inhabited Scandinavia during the Viking Era.

Danish started out as a variety of different dialects with no real alphabet or consistent grammatical structure until the Protestant Reformation, when a standard language was developed and used for printing and education. It is considered to be one of the most important written languages of the seventeenth century. The language is similar to Norwegian and Swedish and oftentimes native speakers of any of the three can easily understand each other. The original dialects are no longer in existence today, though the language itself continues to adapt slightly from generation to generation.

Because Danish is spoken not only in Europe but North America as well, it can be an extremely important tool in a multitude of business contexts. The fact that it is somewhat mutually intelligible with the other Scandinavian languages Norwegian and Swedish only adds to its appeal.

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