French Translation Services

A Romantic language (deriving from Latin), French is spoken all over the world, and is an official language of 29 countries. It is the second most widely spoken language in the European Union, with France being the number one country in terms of speakers, and Belgium being the second most populous. However French is also spoken in areas of the world that might not immediately come to mind, such as Western and Northern Africa and parts of the Middle East. Research shows that by the year 2025, over 500 million people in the world will speak the French language.

French was an important lingua franca in many parts of the world beginning in the seventeenth century, used as a method of communication in diplomatic affairs between peoples without a common first language. It is still used as an official language in many important international organizations including the EU and the International Olympic Committee. French is considered a very influential language, arguably second only to English in terms of the political clout it carries. To this day, many Europeans consider a knowledge of French to be important asset, especially in the business world.

LingPerfect understands the extensive and continuing influence of the French language, and is therefore readily available for all your French translation needs. LingPerfect provides localization and translation services worldwide to some of the most distinguished and powerful companies in the world. Commitment to each and every client is extremely important to us; with over 10,000 linguistic professionals on hand, we work hard to meet the translation and localization needs of companies of all shapes and sizes looking to utilize the French language in their business endeavors.

All of our translators at LingPerfect pass a rigorous quality assurance test, administered by another French-speaking linguist. We take extra provisions to certify that all our eLearning projects are signed off on by native French speakers.

No matter how specific the job, our linguists at LingPerfect are ready to work for you regarding whatever French translation services you might need. We offer services as simple as interpretation and human translation, all the way to website globalization and software localization. No job is too big or too small for LingPerfect, no matter what your business needs might be.

With French’s continuing influence in the political and economic spheres, it will be to your advantage to ensure that you are getting the absolute best translation and localization services available. Let LingPerfect’s extensive network of global interpreters go to work for you, no matter what your field may be. LingPerfect offers the best French translation services for a multitude of industries, including advertising and marketing, healthcare, legal, finance, software, IT and much more. Be confident that you’re getting the best French translation and localization services on the market with LingPerfect.