German Translation Services

German is the native language of around 100 million people worldwide and belongs to the Germanic family of languages. It is an official language of Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, but is also commonly spoken in Russia, Brazil and Romania.

The German language began forming around 750 BCE among Germanic tribes living along the Baltic Sea. As these tribes traveled and explored new lands, their language not only grew and influenced the areas they traveled, but adapted by adopting features of the other languages as well.

During the Middle Ages, the language was divided into High German and Low German, depending on where its speakers lived. High German speakers would primarily reside in the mountainous regions of Germany, while Low German speakers lived mostly on the flatlands. The German language as a whole had been fragmented in terms of location and dialect for many years until the Modern Era, beginning in the sixteenth century. This era brought with it what is now known as Standard German.

Today Standard German is the primary spoken language in Germany. It is taught in schools, used for governmental purposes, in media and for business transactions. German remains an extremely useful and influential language to this day and although its roots are found mostly in Europe, it has spread all over the world, especially when it comes to business transactions.

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