Greek Translation Providers

The Greek language is one of the oldest languages known to history and a member of the Indo-European family of languages. Today there are about thirteen million native speakers of the language, and it is the official language of Greece and Cyprus. Greek is also spoken in Italy, Ukraine, Albania, and Armenia and even has a presence in North America, Australia and Brazil. It is an official language of the European Union, and has had an enormous influence on many of the world’s languages.

It is difficult to pinpoint the age of the Greek language because it comprises a large number of historical dialects, some of which have been attested in archeological records dating back over three thousand years. However, it is a matter of debate as to when the Greek language split from the ancient languages that preceded it. One way to put a date on the Greek language is with reference to its alphabet. The Greek alphabet was developed from the Phoenician alphabet and was used to write dialects of Ancient Greek from at least the eighth century BCE. Since then, Greek has passed through a number of different historical dialects, including Koine Greek (in which the New Testament was originally written), Medieval Greek and Modern Greek, which still bears a striking resemblance to earlier forms of the language.

The Greek language today continues to adapt and change, and is often influenced by the media. This has caused most of the original dialects of the language to basically become extinct, as most people want to base their own language on the way both the media and the educational systems are using it.

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