Korean Language Translations

The Korean language is spoken by 72 million people, mostly in North and South Korea. Korean was originally influenced by Chinese and the Chinese character system, which changed in the fifteenth century as a group of scholars developed an entirely new Korean alphabet that was made available for everyone to learn and use. The Korean king at the time wanted to spread the language to every corner of Korea in order to increase literacy. Before that, only the upper class and the powerful used the language and looked down on the King’s desires to promote literacy within the country for everyone. In spite of this, Korean spread fast across the country.

Eventually the Romanization of the Korean language resulted in the transcription of Korean into the Latin alphabet. The most important dates of this Romanization include 1937, when two American graduate students rewrote the alphabet in order to bring it closer to spoken pronunciation and later in 2000, when the official South Korean transliteration system was introduced.

Over 37 million Koreans use the Internet, making the language the tenth most common among Internet users worldwide. Throughout the twentieth century South Korea experienced a technology and business boom and the language experienced a resurgence along with it. South Korea is now an economic powerhouse, making the language more important than ever to be able to speak across the world. Although it once received influences from other Asian countries such as China and Japan, Korea has now long been independent from these other Asian countries in terms of language and culture, making South Korea a multi-trillion-dollar economic marketplace.

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