Lithuanian Translators & Professional Services

Lithuanian is a Baltic language with about three million native speakers worldwide. It is the official language of Lithuania, though it is also popularly spoken in Poland, Brazil, North America, the UK and Uruguay. In Poland it is even considered an official minority language, as well as one of the official languages of the European Union. With its worldwide influence and speakership, Lithuanian is a language whose popularity and importance are only growing.

The first recorded written piece of Lithuanian dates to 1547, while the first Lithuanian dictionary was printed in the seventeenth century. However, the language was banned from print between 1864 and 1904 when other languages such as Polish or Russian were required to be used. This ban was lifted in the early 1900s when native Lithuanians showed a resurgence of pride in their customs and their native language. Over 7,000 books were published in the Lithuanian language in the early 1900s, making the country a relative powerhouse for literature. Unfortunately, Lithuanian experienced a second prohibition during the Soviet era, when literature in Lithuania was made to conform to the artistic conventions of Soviet Realism.

After the Soviet period, Lithuania regained independence once more and books, magazines, newspapers and media outlets once again flourished in Lithuanian. The language is known for its cultural publications in many forms, despite its history of having its literary productions forcibly suppressed time and time again.

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LingPerfect works with a multitude of industries, including healthcare, IT, legal, marketing and more. With the Lithuanian language spreading not only to many neighboring European countries but North America as well, its popularity in the business world and especially in the world of publishing will continue to grow, making it an important language to get behind. Take comfort in knowing that the experts at LingPerfect treat every client on an individual basis and that whatever services you need will be handled with the greatest efficiency, accuracy and professionalism on the market.