Macedonian Language Translation Services

Macedonian is a language belonging to the Slavic language branch with between one and two million native speakers, mostly in Macedonia. Macedonian was declared the first official language of the Socialist Republic of Macedonia in 1945, with its closest language relative being Bulgarian. Before this standardization, Macedonian dialects were either heavily influenced by Bulgarian or Serbian.

Macedonian is a controversial language in terms of its name and linguistic classification. Bulgaria refuses to acknowledge Macedonian as an official language, instead viewing it as a specific dialect of the Bulgarian language. Serbia has often suggested the same in the past, referring to it as ‘South Serbian.’ These disputes have been going on for years and because of these discrepancies, Macedonian has experienced a surge in study, as it is an interesting language to pick apart from a linguistic point of view. Still, to this day it is viewed officially as a fully autonomous language separate from both Bulgarian and Serbian.

The Macedonian language today is still divided into two different dialects, eastern and western, though the differences are small and far less distinct in comparison to the official Serbian and Bulgarian languages. The language has also been adopted by many minority groups within Macedonia and the surrounding areas as a second language.

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