Moldovan Language Translators

The Moldovan language is a constituent part of the Romanian language and many scholars actually believe them to be the same. Consequently, it has been the subject of political and scholarly dispute for many years. In fact, as recently as 2013 Romanian replaced Moldovan as the official language of Moldova.

Moldovan is classified as Daco-Romanian, once spoken in the Roman province of Dacia. After Dacia was conquered by Rome in 106 CE, Roman colonization took place in the area and the Latin language the Romans used at the time took root in the Dacian language. In the third century the Romans left Dacia, but the linguistic influence it left behind remained. This unique mix of traditional Dacian and the Latin influence of the Romans created what was known as the Daco-Romanian language at the time.

As recent as the 1940s, under the USSR, Moldova was freed from Romanian influence due to an explosive cultural shift and was free to develop its own identity including its own language. However, the countries share a border and many influences, making it nearly impossible to cut ties completely.

Today, Romanian and Moldovan are viewed as virtually interchangeable. Though conflict surrounds the language, Moldovan remains its own entity, as does Romanian, and most citizens living in both countries simply accept their communication as the same, with only subtle differences in dialect. With nearly 1.5 million speakers of Moldovan in the world, it is certainly not a language that risks disappearing or succumbing entirely to Romanian any time soon.

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