Romanian Language Translation

The Romanian language is a European Romance language spoken by around 24.5 million people worldwide. It is the official language of Romania, deriving ultimately from Latin. There has long been debate between Romanians and Moldovans concerning the distinction between the two languages, which have much in common.

It is believed that the Romans invaded the Dacia area of Rome and influenced the local language there, eventually becoming the Moldovan language. However, the two are virtually interchangeable, and although Moldovan remains its own separate language, many consider them to be a single language that will outgrow the categorical distinction and become the common language for the two nations.

Unlike other romance languages, Romanian has a unique grammatical structure due to its relative isolation from the countries where the romance languages developed and thrived. It also features a heavy Slavic influence and although most of its words are derived from Latin, it has taken a considerable number of loan words from the Slavic languages as well.

There are four Romanian dialects: Daco-Romanian (also spoken in Moldova), Aromanian, Megleno-Romanian and Istro-Romanian. These dialects vary depending on location, and can be found in places as diverse as Greece, Bulgaria and Kosovo, and are largely mutually unintelligible.

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