Thai Language

Thai is the national language of Thailand, spoken by over 80 percent of the country’s population. The spoken language draws its origins from Myanmar, Vietnam, Laos and Yunnan, while the written language was introduced later, and was originally based heavily on Pali and Sanskrit. The Royal Institute is the governing body for the Thai language, in charge of the additions of new words and the organization of the language itself. Still, the Royal Institute draws from its original Sanskrit origins, along with Mon and Pali, for pronunciations and definitions of new words introduced to the Thai language.

Though Thai is one language, different dialects of it are spoken throughout the varying regions of Thailand, much like accents or slight variations on commonly-used words in other countries with one dominating language. The most widely-known of these dialects is called Bangkok Thai, which is typically taught in schools, used in public broadcasting, and is understood just about anywhere in the country. Other variations based on location include Phuan and Lue, though their popularity doesn’t begin to match that of Bangkok Thai.

Thai may seem like a complicated language to learn, but it is one of the most grammatically-rich languages in existence, with a phonemic alphabet and signature rules concerning its forty-four consonants and fifteen vowels.

The Thai language may only be commonly spoken in one country, but it completely dominates that country, and is therefore a valuable component to have in your ‘language arsenal’, no matter what your reasons for learning the language may be.

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