In today’s global economy, the ability to quickly and efficiently present your products and services in market-targeted languages is essential. Still, working on translation projects that span multiple internal departments, technical teams, external linguists and proofreaders can be expensive and cumbersome. LingPerfect’s innovative and proprietary E-Z Enterprise platform provides clients with advanced technology solutions including:

  1. LingDirector – the structured translation tool for enterprise solutions that enables easy management and tracking of multiple projects and invoices
  2. LingConnector – provides multiple integration alternatives with content management systems (CMS), data management systems (DMS) and most back-end systems
  3. LingReviewer – a user-friendly reviewing tool using LingMemory, which enables linguist teams and in-country reviewers to enhance internal collaboration and project supervision
  4. LingMT – the world’s first self-learning translation engine

LingDirector solves these issues by centralizing your translation efforts. It helps businesses across the world connect easily for translation projects. It also helps minimize expenditures, hasten production, and critically enhance product quality. LingDirector is the lynchpin of the LingPerfect E-Z Enterprise Platform, and it is a structured translation tool for enterprise solutions, enabling the easy management of multiple on and offline projects.

Powerful Integration
LingDirector provides clients with multiple integrative alternatives. LingDirector’s published web services (API) and LingDirector’s customized engineering solution (for Drupal, WordPress, Joomla and many others) can be utilized as intermediaries for integration with content management systems and databases. Moreover, LingPerfect’s IT department will thoroughly support customers, helping them to construct personalized integrations for back-end systems.

Business Process Automation
LingDirector can automate many of the functions of projects, preventing the occurrence of mistakes caused by human oversight. Tools such as automatic revision identification, workflow integration, and syntactic analysis actively contribute to a critical reduction of process supervision.

Translation Memory Integration
LingPerfect’s Translation Memory (LingMemory) is a fundamental element of every enterprise localization management system. It enables customers to screen material prior to requesting translation services so that pre-translated content can be utilized immediately.

LingMemory allows us to:

  1. Build a database of completed translations – Translation Memory (TM)
  2. Create glossaries and terminology lists
  3. Archive all completed translations for future reference
  4. Provide terminologically consistent translations
  5. Offer discounts of up to 70% for repetitive content
  6. Work with various file formats such as InDesign, Excel and Access
  7. Filter technical content and translate websites and software
  8. Translate and filter text containing tags and technical strings