Human Web & Document Translation

At LingPerfect, we believe there are two essential elements for maximizing translation efficiency:

  1. Communication, both between our translation team, client, and third parties.
  2. Implementing the latest tools and technology available on the market today.

Our vast experience and expertise ensures that we can provide our clients with the highest quality and most professional translation services available today. We pride ourselves on the accuracy and consistency of our services. We are confident that our content, web and document translation products and services will exceed your expectations. We allow you to meet the needs of your customers throughout the world, with a nuanced awareness of regional quality requirements as well as sensitivity to cultural appropriateness.

We utilize terminology, style and tone that best suit the customer’s specific company culture as well as the particular expectations of their end user. Our primary objective is to provide fast, cost-effective translation services built on strong translation methodologies and the highest quality processes. Through our global network of expert native speaking translators, we are able to deliver the most culturally authentic and expansive translation services on the market today.

Range of Services
In addition to our core translation and localization services, some of our other services include the following:

  1. Terminology creation and management
  2. Terminology validation
  3. Style guide creation and maintenance
  4. Review, editing and proofreading
  5. Machine Translation post-editing
  6. Linguistic testing
  7. Multilingual desktop publishing
  8. Translation memory creation and alignment
  9. Linguistic assessment of existing source or translation assets
  10. Language/market pre-study and assessment

Any Language, Any Culture, Any Content
Each year, LingPerfect translates tens of millions of words of content into more than 200 languages spanning a vast array of industries and cultures. We work with companies of all sizes on web and document translation projects, and are capable of handling projects of any scale, no matter how big or small. We can manage the largest of multilingual desktop publishing and translation projects with continuous and incremental translation to ensure that the content is up to date from a regional and local perspective. We understand that time is of the essence, so we make sure our translations are delivered as quickly as possible.

Proven Capabilities
Our linguistic capabilities are grounded in the following areas:

  1. Expert translation, editing and language management staff
  2. Documented localization processes and QA Metrics
  3. Subject area expertise
  4. A carefully developed network of third party reviewers in each target language/country

Each translation follows our comprehensive QA processes. In accordance with our ISO 9001:2015 certification, we operate an internally developed Quality Management System (QMS) based on best industry practices and metrics for linguistic quality. These internal processes are documented and applied throughout the company in all language areas, and they are customized when needed to suit particular customer needs. LingPerfect has been acclaimed industry wide for our proven linguistic excellence. Our capabilities distinguish us as providing the highest level of professional translation and localization services to a wide range of industries and customers across the globe.

Experienced Translators
At LingPerfect, we combine our expert and highly experienced in-country translation teams with independent and measurable quality metrics. Specialists staff our translation teams, and they have advanced degrees in the fields of translation or linguistic studies from the finest institutions in their respective countries. Many also have additional certifications from their country’s translation trade association (equivalent to the ATA, or American Translator’s Association). They may also have additional credentials in areas relevant to their field of specialization and subject matter.

Our Translators are native speakers, and are based in-country. They all undergo a rigorous qualification process and receive regular linguistic QA feedback and evaluation from LingPerfect’s Senior Reviewers. This ensures that their linguistic skillset is always at its best. In addition to linguistic quality, we also continually monitor for superior levels of communication, reliability and problem solving agility. Our translators undergo regular testing and training designed to ensure that they are abreast of all the latest developments. They are required to attend continuing education programs in their area of expertise, including instruction relating to translation processes and tools, and, perhaps most importantly, by meeting our standards of quality and customer care.

Solution Driven Resources
We cater our services and methods to the specific requirements and approaches of each project. Translators are paired with clients based on their specific areas of expertise, so whether your niche is in software, telecommunications or life sciences, you will partner with a translator with experience and solutions for your particular need. We pair customers with a core team of translators for long term relationships built around the needs of the client. Each client is put in communication with a linguistic quality expert or senior reviewer in order to make sure every project meets their current needs and long term goals.

Customer Review Cycles
In most cases our clients do not have their own in-country reviewers (dedicated employees in other countries entrusted with the verification all translated content). In this case we would ensure the translation meets our rigorous quality standards on our own, in essence bypassing the in-country client review stage. However, in cases where a client has their own in-country reviewer, we would have them review the final translation and work with them to ensure that all implemented changes are correct.

LingPerfect provides linguistic services for a wide range of companies, with a focus on software and IT, life sciences, telecommunications, industrial manufacturing and consumer electronics industries. We are keenly aware of the variations in terminology, and adjust our translations to match; different industries incorporate different terms, and may often even have different terms for the same products and features. We have developed a proprietary process to streamline these variations in terminology, which allows us to easily adapt to reflect the many variations of linguistic styles and terminological issues. We believe in the strict adherence to terminology variation, as it is one of the key assets that distinguish a company from its brand and product. We employ advanced terminology management practices to maximize savings and cost benefits.

Tools and Technologies
At LingPerfect we incorporate all the latest translation technology. This provides the advantage of increased consistency in translation output and the ability to repurpose existing translations. We employ industry standard translation tools and technologies as part of our process and we are experts in the many technologies used in the translation industry today. We can work on any platform or file format that you prefer. In addition, through our process optimization practice we also help our customers improve their current use of existing tools. We advise our clients on the optimal processes available to make the most of investments in translation tools and technologies. In addition, we work to future-proof them as translation technology continues to develop.