Document & Multimedia Transcription Services

Our team of professional linguists have the experience and trained ears to transcribe your speaker’s message accurately to written form. LingPerfect Transcription Services team is prepared for the strongest accents, regional dialects, and technical verbatim to achieve the highest quality transcription possible.

Today’s globalized world creates many language challenges due to the wide range of interactions in the corporate playfield. LingPerfect can handle them all, recorded audio, recorded video meetings, interviews, trials, depositions or hearing. If it is recorded, we will provide an accurate and high-quality transcript of the source.

The LingPerfect transcription method;

  1. We receive the audio or video format file (We can transcript live too!) and our project management team will analyze it to select the best linguist expert for the task.
  2. The expert will carefully and meticulously interpret the meaning and the message the speaker is trying to convey until the transcription is completed and coherent.
  3. Our Quality Control team and management staff will also review both the source and transcription once it is finalized. This will add layers of reliability and certainty to guarantee the best results possible.
  4. LingPerfect’s transcription services are done in a secure and expedited way. We follow accurate proven methods to deliver a professional transcription service on a clear and concise written document.

LingPerfect also provides customized formatting, executive summaries, or any other format required by our clients.

All of our processes follow strict confidentiality standards to protect:

  1. Corporate and Trade Secrets.
  2. Sensitive Information.
  3. Commercial Agreements.

We take pride in managing our information cautiously to protect all parties involved, treating security with utmost care. LingPerfect is fully compliant with HIPAA* Privacy Rules, meaning that projects are managed in a secure environment which limits the amount of information that is shared to transcribers/translators. Also, our personnel are obliged to comply with the integrity and confidentiality policies within the company, making background checks for sensitive projects and if required, sign additional client specific NDA and legal contracts.

*Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996