Zoom meetings: Interpreters are joining you on your beloved video platform

We wrote extensively on OPI/VRI services. Not because it’s a new tech craze. During the pandemic, our businesses, schools, and social life moved on video. And among them, one place in particular: Zoom meetings.

One thing the pandemic didn’t solve was the language barriers. So the need for remote interpreting naturally arose. And sometimes, remote interpreters even saved lives.

One of the problems with remote interpreting was the lack of immediacy. To connect the interpreter to your meeting, it was you who had to access the interpreting platform. 

You had to make sure attendees had downloaded the necessary app and that they had a go at the new interface. At least locate the mute, video, and screen sharing buttons.

Not anymore. 

As of now, our interpreting platform has fully integrated with the video conferencing’s darling, Zoom

Your zoom meetings are new interpreter-ready.

What does this integration with Zoom meetings bring you?

Ease of access

It’s not you who has to access the interpreting platform anymore. You can invite the interpreter directly into your Zoom call.

Our provider’s routing engine will call up the appropriate interpreter into your Zoom meeting within seconds.

Your participants connect to your meeting and listen to the interpreter directly through Zoom.


Multiple interpreters at once

You are now able to connect multiple interpreters to the same Zoom meeting. This will prove helpful for long sessions when interpreters need to take turns. 



The interpreter listens to your zoom call and translates via our interpreting platform.  The language service is therefore covered by an extra level of encryption provided by our platform.


Next time you need to schedule a multilingual video conference, call us. We’ll show you how easy it is to set it up.
Do you have any other questions or concerns? Please let us know and we will try to help.