Document & Website Translation

Communication is a vital component of any business. It is a way to stay “in touch,” and reach your clients, employees, customers and potential customers. Translation broadens your horizons and allows you to reach millions of potential customers around the globe. Translation is about more than simply replacing words with those of another language; it is about preserving the original message and conveying it in a culturally appropriate way. Take humor, for example. It is one of the best ways to grab the attention of an audience, but anyone who is bilingual will tell you how difficult it is to translate a joke. The translators at LingPerfect have know the intricacies of the languages they speak and can convey the essence of any message from one language to another. Our goal is to make impossible translations … possible. Why are our translators so good? We strive to find the best language experts from around the world. Simply knowing English is not good enough. All LingPerfect language experts go through a rigorous testing process before work with our company. Why should a company be so concerned with the quality of their translators and paying for highly professional translations? In the digital age these questions come up often as instantaneous machine translations grow in popularity. It can be difficult to explain the nuances and personal touch that makes all the difference and sometimes that is of little concern to a clients bottom line. Explaining if a certain idea or product doesn’t exist in one culture only a translator can find an appropriate substitution can also be a complex idea. It’s really best just to give a few examples from one of our favorite websites:



Can you blame them? Cheese and dairy products simply were not part of the Asian diet for centuries! Or how about this one:


To be quite honest with you, I’m not even sure what this would be in English but I think the point is made.

Would you want to be one of those companies? Of course not. No one wants to be one of those companies who makes the headlines because an entire ad campaign has to be yanked for offensive material. Certainly don’t want to be a company who fails to file financial documents in a foreign country because one of the concepts was mistranslated.

We offer translation of online and offline texts and documents, both of which are important components to running a successful business. By working with LingPerfect to translate these texts you can rest assured that the only jokes you’ll worry about are the ones that need to be translated and not the jokes made about your translation.