Mind the platform: are your online meetings GDPR-compliant?

Do you have $23,4 million to spare? How about bidding farewell to 4% of your last year’s global turnover? No? Setting up your online meeting via Zoom or Skype is fast and easy. But if you do business with the EU, your online platform must comply with GDPR. Or else—well, $23,4 million.

What is GDPR?

GDPR is an EU law and stands for General Data Protection Regulation. It was implemented in 2018 to regulate how companies working with anyone from the EU must safeguard their data. It defines principles on data protection and privacy rights of EU citizens. It requires any organization to implement technical and organizational measures to protect personal data, e.g., by encryption.

But GDPR is an EU law. My business is in the US.

GDPR is a law on data protection of EU citizens and residents. So the fact that your company is not registered in the EU bears little importance. As long as you process personal data of people from the EU, you must comply with GDPR. 

Bear in mind that “processing” and “personal data” are broad concepts. For instance, tracking visitors on your website already means you’re processing their personal data. You might be based in Houston, Texas, and do business mostly locally. But if someone from Germany lands on your website, you’re breaching the law if you’re not GDPR compliant.

By analogy, the law extends to online meetings. Let’s say a few attendees from your online meeting hail from the Old Continent. Their names, eye color, and opinions are shared via an online platform. You’re processing their personal data.

How can LingPerfect help with GDPR?

Minding international regulations is bread-and-butter for us. We set up online interpreting sessions daily for our clients doing business with the EU on a daily basis. So when GDPR came into force, we knew we had to find a compliant solution. 

While others played with twisting Zoom or Skype into an interpreting-ready scramble, we took things more seriously. We offer our clients an online interpreting platform that is easy and intuitive. But most importantly, it’s secure, and 100% GDPR-compliant. 

Care to give it a test ride? Get in touch and we’ll show you how it works.