Bosnian Language & Translation Services

The Bosnian language is spoken by about 2.2 million people, mainly in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is one of the ‘newer’ popular languages by most standards, having only become an official language in the early 1990s following the breakup of Yugoslavia. It became an official language of Bosnia along with Serbian and Croatian as a result. However, the language itself has existed since the tenth century, while the first Bosnian dictionary was created in 1631.

Its dialects and words relate closely to Croatian and Serbian and are oftentimes mutually-intelligible by people who speak either of the two languages. Bosnian uses two alphabets: Latin and Cyrillic, with Latin being used for more informal, everyday applications, and Cyrillic for professional use. Because of its history, there is some disagreement regarding the language and those who speak it, specifically relating to the Serbian and Croatian languages. The people speaking these languages are often still called Bosnians, and the controversy lies in finding an alternative name for either them as a people, or for the Bosnian language. This has also caused subtle changes in the language over the years as actual people of Bosnia seek to differentiate themselves from Serbia and Croatia.

Due to Bosnian emigrants fleeing the area during the war and moving to other countries, the Bosnian language has taken root in many different areas around the world. Other languages in many different parts of the world are now becoming influenced by Bosnian as a result of its emigrant population.

Because Bosnian is now spoken all over the world, being able to understand and speak the language could be a powerful tool in any language arsenal, especially when it comes to the business world. Let the linguists at LingPerfect be your professional guides to any translation services you may need.

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Knowing Bosnian can be an incredible tool for a wide range of careers and LingPerfect can provide excellent translation services for a multitude of industries, including business, medical, legal, IT and much more. Because the Bosnian language is still spoken mostly by actual Bosnians, learning it as a second or third language may put your skills in higher demand for many different kinds of endeavors.