Bulgarian Language Experts

The Bulgarian language is a language belonging to the Slavic language branch of the Indo-European family of languages. It is written with the Cyrillic alphabet. Much like its sister language Macedonian, Bulgarian is exceedingly unique, showcasing a number of anomalies that set it apart from the other Slavic languages. Particularities of the Bulgarian language include the absence of grammatical cases for most nouns and pronouns and the use of definite articles, which are rarely found in Slavic languages.

Even though it may seem like a difficult language to classify, the roots of Bulgarian date back to the Prehistoric period, with modern Bulgarian dating back to the 16th century. Modern Bulgarian has since undergone a number of grammatical and syntactical changes along the way. Bulgarian was also the first Slavic language to be used in writing, despite its differences from other languages within its branch.

There are two spoken dialects of this language, Western and Eastern Bulgarian, which are roughly split between the Western and Eastern halves of the country, with Eastern Bulgaria being the larger of the two. Despite its relative lack of grammatical cases, Bulgarian does distinguish between the masculine, feminine and neutral genders, and divides the parts of speech into ten categories. Today there are nine million native speakers of the Bulgarian language, residing everywhere from Bulgaria itself to Hungary, Romania, Slovakia and the EU.

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