Finnish Language Services

The Finnish language derives from the Baltic-Finnic branch of the larger Finno-Urgic language family. There are about six million native Finnish speakers worldwide and it is the official language of Finland. Finland, however, is a bilingual country, with Swedish as its other commonly spoken language. This is largely because Finland was annexed by Sweden during the Middle Ages, during which time the language was written down for the first time. The Finnish spelling system was influenced by Latin, German and Swedish, while new words were continuously being created.

Finnish was originally an oral language because during the Middle Ages Latin was used for religious services, German for business and Swedish for government. During the Enlightenment period, as a result of grammatical reforms, Finnish began to replace Latin in religious contexts, otherwise remaining largely oral. It was not until the 19th century that it became the official language of Finland. Finnish continues to evolve, adopting words from Russian and Swedish, especially for use in administration.

English has also had a heavy influence on Finland and the Finnish language, especially as technology has continued to make it easier for North American culture to travel to Finland. Through the media, Finnish people have picked up on English words and have adapted them or combined them into their own language. This is quickly proving to be a generational difference that continues to grow, so it is fair to make the assumption that the language will continue to evolve in the future.

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