Remote Interpreting Services

The recent world events have moved a lot of our physical communication into the online realm

But thanks to the increasing quality of software and internet connection, remote interpreting services have become an excellent solution for your meetings, bringing you a reduction of costs, ease of access, and safety.

There are two types of remote interpreting services: over-the-phone and video remote interpreting.

Over-the-Phone Interpreting (OPI)

OPI is essentially a conference call between two parties and the interpreter. Usually, over-the-phone interpreting is done in consecutive mode.

Pros of OPI:

  1. Availability. This type of remote interpreting is most readily available because it only requires a phone connection. In fifteen seconds, you can get connected to over 200 languages. How is that for breaking language barriers?
  2. Price. Interpreting rates depend heavily on the language combination you’re looking for. But as a general rule, phone interpreting rates tend to be lower than video remote interpreting.

Video Remote Interpreting (VRI)

In video remote interpreting, the parties connect through our online platform that provides both video and audio support, so all participants can hear and see each other.

Advantages of VRI:

  1. You get visual support. This makes it the closest alternative to on-site interpreting. It’s particularly useful in stressful situations like medical interviews, or tough business negotiations.
  2. It suits all segments of the population. Because of the visual component, VRI is your go-to remote interpreting service when you need to communicate with a Deaf or Heard of Hearing person.

Here are 4 reasons why LingPerfect Remote Interpreting Platform is right for you:

I. It’s easy to use
No need to download software or read complex manuals.
You can choose between 3 simple ways of connecting:

  1. From a computer through a web browser
  2. From a smartphone or a tablet via our LingPerfect app
  3. From a landline or cell phone by dialing on our dedicated interpreting line

NEW: From now on, you can even connect with our interpreters directly through Zoom .

II. It’s secure
Your meetings and your conversation are 100% safe with us:

  1. Our data centers are located in the US
  2. All the data is fully encrypted
  3. Our infrastructure providers are ISO 27001 certified

III. It’s ASL compliant
We are American Sign Language (ASL) and ADA compliant.

IV. Last but not least – the price

With our LingPerfect Remote Interpreting platform, there are no fixed costs and no minimum charges. And we charge by the minute.

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