Software Localization Services

Software isn’t limited to computers or servers anymore. Software impacts our lives in every way imaginable. We find it everywhere from our smartphones to the dashboards of the latest cars. Globally, the demand for software localization and translation is increasing on a daily basis as new devices enter mainstream use.

Whether your product is optimized for the desktop or large-scale enterprise, consumer electronic software or medical software, users are demanding that their software of choice be made available in their native language. Software translation is therefore critical for any product on the global market. Customers are far more likely to make a purchase of a product that has been “localized”. In addition, customers tend to indicate higher levels of satisfaction with products that are localized, and will be more inclined to make more purchases of such products. Furthermore, localization is cost-effective. On the production end, costs for support will be lower when the products have been localized and when support services in local languages are available. Using the highest quality localized software solutions, our experience with software localization allows us to connect companies with global markets. Our localization expertise connects the software to the particular language requirements of the local users within the specific marketplace and cultural context of a given country. Many of the leading software producers have looked to LingPerfect to localize their most popular products into numerous languages for operating systems, desktop applications, applications for large enterprises, firmware and embedded systems.

Time after time, we consistently deliver proven results.
Software localization is both a science and an art. It is an integrated process that must take place in conjunction with the real-time development of the software itself. Once the version in the original source language reaches the “Code Freeze” stage, it’s critical that the process be completed as quickly as possible. Due to the many steps involved in the localization process, this means that costs can add up quickly. For this reason, the process must be as efficient as possible. Products that are introduced to a particular market too long after the first version can significantly impact the expected return on investment (the ROI can also be negatively impacted when the costs of localization get too high). There is virtually no room for error when it comes to software localization. Flawed localization will lead your customer to begin to questioning the quality and value of the product. This is especially true for functional errors, which, if they remain after the localization process, can profoundly decrease customer loyalty. Ultimately, localization errors can break down your customer base, leading your customers to seek out competitors. Needless to say, we want to avoid this scenario at all costs. As a business owner, your brand’s reputation, built through years of hard work, is your greatest asset. Poor localization can damage this reputation irrevocably. It is therefore imperative to have a localization partner with the required experience and resources to complete the localization process in the most thorough and diligent manner.

Our expert in-country translation teams and sophisticated engineering capacities allow us to guarantee the most thorough localized product possible, completed on time and within budget.

All Inclusive Software Localization
Software localization incorporates a wide range of services and protocols. At the most basic level, it consists of the following:

  1. Extracting translatable text from the source applications
  2. Localizing the text
  3. Reconstructing the application in the target language

Teams of highly skilled specialists handle the numerous tasks involved in the localization process. Our teams of localization specialists include:

  1. Translators
  2. Engineers
  3. Testers
  4. Graphic Designers
  5. Programmers
  6. Project Managers

The steps of the localization process are highly technical and complex. Integrating the many tasks effectively is critical for any given project to be successful. LingPerfect provides localization solutions that are tailored to the specific needs of each client and that can be applied to all software platforms. A successful localization goes beyond the interface itself, involving components such as online support and documentation in both print and electronic forms. These must be translated in a vigilant and consistent manner, in conjunction with the software product itself.

Handling Multilingual releases.
Our experience has shown that the following core areas have the greatest impact on any software localization project:

Language Characteristics
Our teams of in-country linguistic professionals take the lead at every stage of the translation/ localization process. These teams comprise experts in the particular subject area, and are capable of handling every language and terminology component in the following languages:

  1. All European
  2. Bi-directional (i.e., Arabic and Hebrew)
  3. Double-byte (Chinese, Japanese and Korean)

Our thorough method of terminology management guarantees that the localized product is as convincing as possible in the language of the in-country end user. Our approach ensures the highest levels of consistency between localized software interfaces and any other applications that the end user may require. We can fully integrate additional tech support or further documentation.

In our localization work, we employ the full range of localization tools used throughout the industry today. We guarantee that all necessary automation procedures will be employed to maximize the quality and translation speed of localization efforts.

Our highly trained Testing and Engineering unit conducts regular testing to optimize language quality and product functionality. We manage test centers in the U.S. and abroad that are entrusted with the implementation of all necessary testing that a product can undergo prior to its in-country launch.

The process of localization testing is essential in order to ensure the full functionality of the localized product. It checks for linguistic accuracy and for any non-native bugs or viruses that may have been introduced during the course of the localization process.

We also employ Graphical User Interface testing (GUI) in order to guarantee the integrity of the product’s user interface, removing common errors like truncated text strings, overlapping and misaligned controls and duplicated hotkeys. We double and triple check the interface to make absolutely sure that no such flaws have carried through from the localization phase.

Internationalization (I18N) testing is a protocol that we use to assess functionality issues for international placement before the products are released globally. I18N testing will certify that the localized product is compatible with global software standards and country-specific computer settings. It makes sure that the software can accurately display typographic elements such as accented characters and correct numbering systems (i.e. thousands and decimal separators). This is necessary to make certain that your software is able to run on non-English operating systems.

Linguistic testing
This includes the verification of context and language suitability for the product’s localized user interface. Universal, language-aware testers, language-specific experts or an optimum combination of both types of resources perform this type of testing.

The engineering side of software localization is crucial for any localization project. It involves software analysis, build engineering, bug fixing and scripting. This critical step can’t be ignored.

Build Engineering
This ensures that the product application’s software build is complete in its semi or fully automated state. We initiate bug-fixing protocols to correct any defects that may have arisen during the testing process. We also implement an array of scripting procedures, from batch processing to discrete activity automation engineering.

LingPerfect’s teams of expert engineers work with the linguistic team and the overall project management team to make certain that our clients benefit from the most seamless and efficient translation solutions in the industry today.

At LingPerfect, our innovative graphic and script management solutions are designed to achieve the highest quality versions of localized software. Screenshooting, the technique of taking pictures of the localized user interface, is an area where it is essential to employ automation, as automating the screenshooting process can be a significant factor in reducing overall costs.

Desktop Publishing
To successfully replicate publishing layouts in the target language, online applications and web content must be properly adapted. We assure our clients that all necessary modifications will be put in place so that the end user has the most seamless experience possible. Adaptation must be implemented on both the technical and cultural levels.

Quality Assurance
Prior to release, each stage of the localization process undergoes rigorous quality assurance measures to make sure that the product meets the highest translation criteria. Our vigilant QA protocols allow us to guarantee that the localized product is fully ready for market.

Ensuring Successful Project Management
At LingPerfect, we believe that our experience as an industry leader distinguishes us from our competitors. Our objective is to make the localization process as user friendly as possible for our customers. We achieve this through highly efficient project management.

We strive to understand each customer’s unique workflow in order to ensure the efficient and seamless transfer of information between the customer and our team.

Most of our project managers hail from a production background and are experts in translation services, retesting, and/or engineering. These diverse skill sets guarantee superior levels of training in all the stages of the localization process. Our success is a direct result of the importance we place on effective project management. We maintain close relationships with customers to guarantee that the lines of communication are clear with regard to their specific needs and requirements. Our team of project managers carefully plans all elements of the project to guarantee that the process flows as smoothly as possible from project inception to completion.

The software localization process can often be highly technical and involved. At LingPerfect however, our industry leading-results and time-tested methodologies set us apart. We believe that ours is the optimal model for product success and customer satisfaction. Again and again our project managers have demonstrated the ability to deliver cost-effective products of the highest quality. Contact Us today!