Website Translation & Globalization

Maximizing web presence is one of the most important dimensions of any company’s global strategy. This is especially true given the ever-increasing challenges of new global markets. In-country users want the ability to view and respond to content in their native tongue, whether that content is a piece of corporate literature or an online technical manual. Your company’s website will be the primary entry point for anyone considering your services worldwide.

When you globalize your website, you are greatly enhancing your potential return on investment. This return can be used for vital infrastructure, content development engineering and marketing initiatives. The ultimate goal of website globalization is to ensure access to the website’s content and functionality from a global perspective. It ensures visitors and traffic in target markets abroad ease of access by making your content available in their native language.

A website that has been globalized is more user-friendly; it increases the likelihood that someone who visits the site will stay there. Whether the goal of your site is marketing, content dissemination or e-commerce, website translation and globalization is the key to maximizing your site’s objectives internationally.

Because of the central importance of web content, simple translation is not enough. It must also be localized for the specific context and market. At LingPerfect, we offer the most comprehensive solutions for multilingual translation for over 120 countries worldwide. LingPerfect is your one stop solution for preparing your website for new markets. This has to do with the variety of services we offer, which include:

  1. Adaptions and translations of web content and online user interfaces
  2. Localization for graphics
  3. Website internationalization
  4. Localized website testing
  5. Multilingual website management and maintenance

LingPerfect will come up with the most efficient and cost effective website localization plan for your business. We will assess the needs of your web localization project based on three criteria: the specific technology used to manage web content and website publishing, the type of web content, and the ongoing needs required by the website for updates and maintenance.

Web Technology
In the current online landscape, Content Management Systems prevail. Additionally, a variety of publishing packages are widely available. For example, text can be coded directly into HTML via a package that is front-end based, or it can be hand-coded in HTML. It can also be housed in a database and then uploaded to a browser page using ASP technology. At LingPerfect, we first conduct a thorough evaluation of your technological requirements to determine the best approach for localization. Once we have a clear understanding of your strategy for website development and content uploading, we will advise you on the most efficient localization solutions. As always, time management and cost-effectiveness are the key objectives. We are able to connect to any CMS or CMR system with our proprietary “Lingconnector” module. This is designed to provide the highest level of “behind the scenes” translation. Please contact us to learn more about our tech solutions.

Web content Matter
Online content is the engine that drives your website and connects you to the market. LingPerfect can optimize your content for localization, whether you are dealing with corporate marketing, financial information or e-commerce. For this type of content localization, you will be partnered with our team of translators who are experts on both the linguistic and content development levels.

Design is one of the most important factors in the localization of your website. Your design decisions will inevitably have a great impact on the public perception of your brand. When we use the term “Internationalization”, we are referring to the process of identifying your site’s potential to connect to the international marketplace. A major issue in website globalization is that of managing “text expansion” in localized languages. Text expansion refers to banner size, site layout and graphics. Text expansion can range from 10-50%, assuming that English is the source language. LingPerfect will resolve any text issues prior to the initiation of the localization process.

Once the site is localized, how will the end user navigate through the site? Ease of navigation is a primary objective of internationalization. The user will navigate your site by interacting with things such as buttons or menus on the homepage. These maintain a uniform site structure across all pages. Access can also be granted by way of a separate and distinct domain name, either using a separate site or one that links to a sub-structure on the main site. Our teams at LingPerfect will handle all this and more during the localization’s planning phase.



Contact LingPerfect today to learn more about how we can help you globalize your website for foreign markets. Alternately, you may fill out a Request for Information form and we will get back to you as soon as we receive it.